Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Parts 1 & 2

As the author of both novels, Part 1 and its sequel, of course, I am proud of this. That said, it is a work in progress, or a living-published-document since I am an amateur indie writer and the learning curve can be steep at times. The story is great, the plot is great, the characters are magnificent, but my concern is how others might view the flow. Since I wrote this, care about it, etc., I essentially had these ideas, put them out there, tried to educate, tried to entertain, or break all of the typical rules that suggest we don’t educate while entertaining, because I believe that is my responsibility as an author to give people the best product available. This will increase an individual’s reading-comprehension level from that of an eighth-grader to that of a post-grad.

There were topics covered in both parts of one giant novel, that was divided into two complete stories due to page-constraints, called, Further than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Parts 1 & 2, that were above the industry standard of the ninth-grade level of reading. I desired to edify and educate over that of untold riches. That said, the messages throughout the story are intended for the masses, every reader, every dreamer, every philosopher, every scientist, medic, lawyer, leader, or anyone of any label, status, or standing. This novel is about healing rather than harming, preparing for a great adventure into deep space, with many great goals following many amazing achievements. Please enjoy this two-part series that is a prequel to a giant space opera.


Soon to be released, is the first in a latched-on (or related) series, Pathway to the Stars: Part 1, Vesha Celeste. This will be a slightly more descriptive portion that goes into more detail of the first character introduced, Vesha Celeste. Please pre-order, read, review, comment, and enjoy! Thank you!

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