Pathway to the Stars: Part 1, Vesha Celeste

Soon to be released, is the first in a latched-on (or related) series, Pathway to the Stars: Part 1, Vesha Celeste. This will be a slightly more descriptive portion that goes into more detail of the first character introduced, Vesha Celeste. Please pre-order, read, review, comment, and enjoy! Thank you!

Vesha Celeste journeys with Yesha Alevtina and her dream-angel, Sky, following a long life of high hopes, dreams, and professional achievements in astronomy and astrophysics.

Yesha shows and teaches Vesha about biopods, spaceports, tech cities that are hidden, cloaked with invisibility, and located solar-system-wide. She introduces Vesha to the Virtual Universe and teaches her how Eliza Williams worked with Yesha and James Cooper to develop all of her advances and designs. There is a lot for her to learn, in this more-detailed prequel to a giant space opera awaiting humanity, in their quest to save the Universe, one very important step at a time.

Enjoy Vesha’s beginning journey, in the first of a multi-story series, called Pathway to the Stars!

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