Science Fiction/Fantasy Author Releases First Audiobook of Two-Part Space Opera Series

Author Matthew J Opdyke and Narrator Graham Bessellieu have released a new collaborative audiobook of Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Part 1. This audiobook is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

OMAHA, Neb. – May 2, 2019

FTB Pathway Publications is proud to announce that Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke along with Narrator Graham Bessellieu have just released their first audiobook, Further than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Part 1!

“So long as we go forward with the well-being of others as well as ourselves in mind, we’ll create a legacy that can be and will be worthy of preservation indefinitely.”
~ Eliza Williams (Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Part 1)

Eliza Williams and a host of friendly heroes tackle some of the greatest dilemmas of the day using the tools of physics, neuroscience, and physiology, among others, to overcome the effects of space travel on our physiology and neurology. We meet many new characters and journey as Eliza and her growing crew of friends are determined to overcome a rocky economy, unnecessary suffering, violence, disease, and terrorism. They work together to tame seismic activity, weather, and fires. She and her friends tackle ways to prevent extinction and provide solutions to quality of life concerns. They even consider the longevity of our Sun, establish tech cities throughout the Solar System, and protect our Earth’s capacity to preserve life. Eliza tackles each of these issues to get us out, and into the stars, so we can begin an even bigger quest throughout the many stars and beyond!

With intellect, experience, perspective, kindness, and graciousness we will have the ability to gain more wisdom leading to longevity and clarity of mind. For Eliza and her crew of friends, it is a race against time to meet new civilizations, preserve life, share our legacies, and go further than before! No matter the challenge, there will always be an opportunity for greater pursuits!

Continue the Novel journey with Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Part 2!

This new audiobook is now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!


Purchase Now on Audible and Amazon

This giant Space Opera Series will attract readers with a creative mind and a passion for looking at the world with a new vision of improving our environment, increasing our freedoms, and enhancing a state of mind toward progression. Gain both entertainment and education alike throughout the entire Space Saga – available in novel and booklet series. Check it out and let’s journey through the Cosmos!

MJO Publications is an independent publishing gateway focused on promoting a newly released Space Opera series written by Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke. The entire collection is available on Amazon in a variety of formats including eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audio. Select print copies are also available at Barnes & Noble online. For more information, signed copies, to schedule a book signing, author interviews, or to contact Matthew J. Opdyke, visit his author website at or email

Check out our promo video on YouTube for the latest release!

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