A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars

A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars

Enjoy this First-Year-Anniversary compilation of all of my works (listed below) in one title:

Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Part 1
Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars, Part 2
Pathway to the Stars: Part 1, Vesha Celeste
Pathway to the Stars: Part 2, Eliza Williams
Pathway to the Stars: Part 3, James Cooper
Pathway to the Stars: Part 4, Universal Party
Pathway to the Stars: Part 5, Amber Blythe
Pathway to the Stars: Part 6, Erin Carter

“Our beautiful mother world ached for a reprieve from the injustices of many, courtesy of cultures and governance systems, that forgot how to love, how to be kind, how to include others, and how to think beyond the scope of greed and power, but within the visions of shared joy and well-being.”
~ Yesha Alevtina to her audience in the Pathway organization

Eliza Williams and a host of friendly heroes tackle some of the most significant dilemmas of the day to bring humanity out and into the stars bearing a legacy we would be proud to share with other civilizations–a legacy of kindness, of mind-to-mind communication, of love, and of healing instead of harming. If we are to overcome the great expansion and the death of all life, we must overcome the smaller challenges to progress and focus on even greater ones. Working with her team diligently, Eliza will speed the pace of society in her world with the belief that beauty and untold potential are within every being. If we find ways to bring that out in ourselves and others, a future where we can breed longevity, a collective and high quality of life, augment the clarity of our minds, and innovate to span the Cosmos may be in our grasp.

Together with the organization Eliza Williams founded, called Pathway, she and her growing team will take us on a fantastical and Utopian journey to get us out and into the farthest reaches of space. There are dilemmas such as the physiological effects of space on each of us, as well as the need for longevity and a desire to still be able to visit loved ones following long journeys. Eliza and her team develop capabilities, so we can overcome the challenges ahead and are determined to stabilize a rocky economy, wipe away suffering, violence, disease, cartels, terrorism, and trafficking in persons. They work together to tame seismic activity, weather, and fires. She and her friends tackle ways to prevent extinction and provide solutions to quality of life concerns. They even consider the longevity of our Sun and our Earth’s capacity to preserve life. Eliza tackles each of these issues to get us out, and into the stars, so we can begin our biggest quest–to help our Universe breathe ever so lightly.

No matter the challenge, there will always be greater pursuits! The saga will continue…

“A Cosmic Legacy” is a science fiction & fantasy novel, with a Space Opera flair to it. It is designed to edify, educate, and entertain young adults and scholars alike. Some of the specific topics covered include physiology, neurology, physics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, astronomy, politics, philosophy, and ethics. Preservation of the life-giving and sustaining capacities of our Earth and creation of environments conducive to life throughout the Solar System once thought to be impossible are primary goals. The ideas of kindness, with innovation rooted in well-being, longevity, where cellular health expresses youth and rejuvenation, optimizing the body to be able to live comfortably in austere space environments without adverse effects, and mind-to-mind communication bearing with it a legacy we’d be proud to share with distant civilizations with mutual goals of preserving our Universe can bring a beautiful future for all living beings.

NOTE: Looking for Producer/Narrator. Please go to ACX and apply.

Thank you!


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