(Hardcover Giveaway) Last Day – A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars

Today is the last day of the Amazon/Author Hardcover Book Giveaway (a $45 value). For all interested in the US, this is the last full day of Contemporary Science Fiction Author Matthew J. Opdyke’s giveaway of his one-year-anniversary compilation of all his previously published content, a continuing saga, through his novel A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars.

To participate, follow this URL:

Race to win, or simply buy it, and make this grand literary opus the favorite item in your library, next to your reading corner, on your nightstand, or in your living room, as you settle and read while the days go by. Enjoy the story of several heroes who do as much as they can to heal the Earth, provide healing to those suffering most, and help humanity get out and into the Cosmos!

LCCN: 2019911854
ISBN: 978-1-7333131-2-4

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