Pathway to the Stars: Part 7, Span of Influence Available for Pre-Order

As Part 2 of the Pathway to the Stars series (Eliza Williams’ backstory,) Audiobook wraps up (hopefully in time for Christmas), six more books in this series will be released. This will conclude the series, allowing people to essentially read A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars in smaller portions. It will also make it easier to find narrators who can shed a few moments (hours) each week to produce and narrate each section since I can currently afford “shared royalty” alone. Once things take off and the amazing message in these stories begin to resonate with the masses to the point of countless positive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, et al, I may be able to do it a different way. Until then, Pathway to the Stars: Part 7, Span of Influence is now available for pre-order, and will be released on December 2, 2019.

“To be worthy to journey the stars, conditions must be such that if a group of explorers were to return home many millennia later, humanity will not have faded away into nothing. Instead, they will have preserved the homeworld and home solar system, and even improved upon the beauty, the abundance, and the ability of longevity of life in every way that is positive and possible.”

Eliza Williams – Leader of Human Progress (Pathway to the Stars series)

Eliza Williams works with her team in the Pathway organization to increase her span of influence throughout the world. Journey with Vesha Celeste as she continues her adventures with Yesha Alevtina in the Virtual Universe, understanding more fully how Eliza’s team has become the enigmatic propagator of the future. With tech cities spanning the Solar System yet hidden from those who have not been read-in, humanity will be breath taken to behold them. Eliza takes on some of the biggest titans of every industry and teaches them what she believes will fuel the future — kindness, shared-well-being, compassion, and consent, or what she coins as Universal Ethics!

Pathway to the Stars: Part 7, Span of Influence

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