Pathway to the Stars: Parts 7 – 12 Released!

Contemporary Science Fiction Author Matthew J Opdyke recently released the final six parts of this space opera series, currently available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.

Pathway to the Stars: Parts 7 – 12
Available on Amazon

“To be worthy to journey the stars, conditions must be such that if a group of explorers were to return home many millennia later, humanity will not have faded away into nothing. Instead, they will have preserved the homeworld and home solar system, and even improved upon the beauty, the abundance, and the ability of longevity of life in every way that is positive and possible.”

Part 7, Span of Influence, focuses on protagonist Eliza Williams in her quest to understand the economic environment so she can grow her influence on Earth and help people to become engaged in pursuits that bring purpose, validation, and meaning to their efforts.

Eliza Williams works with her team in the Pathway organization to increase her span of influence throughout the world. Journey with Vesha Celeste as she continues her adventures with Yesha Alevtina in the Virtual Universe, understanding more fully how Eliza’s team has become the enigmatic propagator of the future.

With tech cities spanning the Solar System yet hidden from those who have not been read-in, humanity will be breath taken to behold them. Eliza takes on some of the biggest titans of every industry and teaches them what she believes will fuel the future — kindness, shared-well-being, compassion, and consent, or what she coins as Universal Ethics.

“This is it. This is humanity stepping it up and demonstrating to the universe that we were ready to preserve life, reanimate it, and protect the Universe itself from the laws of uncontrolled chaos-rather than destroy life or watch the universe expand beyond repair.”

Part 8, Dreamy & Deep, centers on two characters that Eliza Williams recruits, Najem Grace and Joanne Gallant. Najem is Vesha Celeste’s best friend wanting to see her friend come back to life. Joanne is an award-winning musician who seeks to understand more regarding her Universe.

Vesha has been through a lot of training in the Virtual Universe, but soon her time will come to return to the real world. Leading to this, her dear friend, Najem Grace, has long weighed in the prospects of physiological optimization yet has stayed the hands of technology. Perhaps Vesha’s outcome will help her decide; perhaps it won’t. Is this the new evolution? Or are we tempting fate?

Joanne Gallant, a musician with all the awards and the talent that goes with it, experiences life with deep questions. Her wonder is if there is more than this, more she can do, beyond the applause and recognition. Where is Eliza Williams, the founder of Pathway in all of this? How will she help both Najem and Joanne? Find out in this story!

We cannot engage in human progression as solo artists, alone, and expect long-term and optimal results. While we can inspire momentum for a time, while working diligently, ultimately the laws of chaos will prevail unless we work together to preserve our world, our solar system, and our Universe.”

Part 9, Allure & Spacecraft, shows how Vesha Celeste embraces her new reality in the real-world. Eliza commissions her to build thirteen large-city-sized spacecraft above the Kuiper belt and north pole of Pluto.

Vesha has completed her Virtual Universe training, and now she becomes immersed in missions and callings as never before! Enjoy as she tackles issues where society seems muddled in the chains of self-bondage, rather than moving forward with a bright and beautiful future for all. Joanne revisits a problem that can affect Eliza Williams’ hopes for the future. Among Eliza’s many goals within the Solar System to that end, related to space travel, is the construction of spacecraft being built just above Pluto.

Enjoy this Space Opera as Eliza continues her quest to nurture humanity into a space-faring, world-preserving, and Universe-exploring civilization. She believes that the most significant step toward moving forward is kindness, and that kindness is the greatest strength we have.

“In a benevolent society, you are safe, I am safe, everyone is safe, and our potential for innovations that reduce unnecessary suffering can know no bounds. Only in a benevolent, ethical, and moral society—a society and a worldwide civilization that seeks to preserve life, and bolster well-being, will we possess the mentality and the evolved capacity to preserve our Earth, our Solar System, and our humanity…

“Those who justify the behaviors of those that truly oppress, they know who they are, yet I believe that they too can change. No matter who you are, no matter your past, no matter what you have done until now, you can still grow, you can breathe in, and you can breathe out. You can slow down the visceral thoughts of malice raging within your mind, and you can gain compassion for others, you can preach ideas of hope and of kindness, rather than push the agendas of greed, elitism, and dissension.”

Part 10, Sky Taylor, introduces us to a new superhero made from Vesha’s DNA and neurology. Sky was a figment of Vesha’s imagination throughout her life. Now, as a reward for Vesha’s love of humanity from birth to the day she passed away, Eliza has commissioned her Pathway organization to bring Sky to life. As Sky heals rather than harms, we meet Shayeena Arezo, Ariel Boshka, and Laetitia Zemani.

In this, the tenth book of the Pathway to the Stars series, Eliza Williams continues her political leadership rising to new heights, and due to her efforts, a new superhero is borne. Meet Sky Taylor and her unique method of resolving some of the most significant conflicts affecting us all. To her, healing rather than harming is the best option toward creating a beautiful and promising future, as we prepare to journey to the distant stars.

“If we can love ourselves, we can then truly understand what it means to love others and be kind. There is potential that lies within you and everyone else. It is a potential that has always been meant to exist, to bring something greater to this reality of life.”

Part 11, A New Day, revisits a matter that weighed on Joanne for years. Since her recruitment, she has become Pathway’s vice president and close friends with Erin Carter. Sky takes Erin along with her and helps Joanne find out who her brother’s murderer was to seek justice. Learn the results of Eliza Williams’ run as President of the United States with Yesha Alevtina as her running mate.

This story is the eleventh of the Pathway to the Stars space opera series. Sky journeys with Erin Carter and Joanne Gallant, who are now Pathway’s president and vice president. On their adventure, she shows them ways to heal the Earth as well as ourselves so we can promote a healthier form of longevity.

To Sky, there is much we can do to prevent future disasters, but sometimes solutions can involve something as simple as a nice walk. In this case, unfortunately, to help Joanne figure out a mystery weighing upon her.

Meanwhile, Eliza Williams and Yesha Alevtina work for the success of the Universal Party with efforts that will affect the United States, the World, and the mission to span the Cosmos.

“Throughout this Universe, we’re all part of the same team. We need each other to succeed as a universal civilization. We need to do due diligence by recognizing the good in others and by doing our part to cause a positive shift in focus to resolutions to issues met with action while seeking the well-being of each of the individuals involved.”

Part 12, Alpha Andromedae, reveals to us that after several years of preparations, humanity is ready to journey through the Cosmos. Eliza has helped humanity to become the type of civilization that preserves life, beautifies it, and increases longevity as well as clarity of mind. Now the twelve zones of the Intergalactic Mission Contingency are ready to make their first jump into deep space.

The time has arrived. The Intergalactic Mission Contingency is awaiting orders from the United Allied States (UAS) President, Eliza Williams, to take off into distant regions beyond our Solar System. With their Q-Drive and a phenomenal lineup of command staff and crew, the journey to explore the Universe has become imminent and real. Each of the Spacecraft Commanders and their Vice Commanders brief all of civilization throughout Sol, going into intriguing detail about where they plan to go in each of their zones and regions.

Will there be parties after their first jump? Or, will the IMC crews look at the Universe in terror facing their impending doom? Read and find out.

Venture into the lives of each character as they pursue their dreams and progress closer to achieving the seemingly impossible!

Part 7, Span of Influence
ISBN: 9781951321055
LCCN: 2019918436

Part 8, Dreamy & Deep
ISBN: 978-1951321086
LCCN: 2019918460

Part 9, Allure & Spacecraft
ISBN: 978-1951321093
LCCN: 2019918425

Part 10, Sky Taylor
ISBN: 978-1-951321-11-6
LCCN: 2019919232

Part 11, A New Day
ISBN: 978-1-951321-15-4
LCCN: 2019919255

Part 12, Alpha Andromedae
ISBN: 978-1-951321-13-0
LCCN: 2019918961

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